IDS PRODUCTS manufacturers custom shapes and sizes for a variety of industries.

Get noticed with custom card shapes and sizes. When it’s time to create something special, use your imagination and try a non-standard size.

One-time die charges start at $50, depending on the design, size, intricate cut.

Die charges may be waived for some large volume orders. We have a range of shapes that can be used for a minimal one off charge.

IDS PRODUCTS manufacturers custom shaped cards in a range of Eco friendly material as well.


  • Magnetic stripes may not be possible with some sizes / shapes.
  • Keep your die lines as simple as possible (avoid sharp edges and intricate curves).
  • we have a list of pre made die cut shapes you can use for a once off setup fee of $100, ask for the list to be sent to you.
  • Die cut cards are also available with snap off units.
  • perfect for loyalty cards
  • gym key tags
  • coffee cards
  • membership cards
  • business cards
  • book marks
  • combo cards with snap off tags ( 1,2,3 snap off tags )
  • endless possibilities