• High Perceived Value and Ease of Use
  • Equal Outstanding Redemption Rate

Card Mailer is one of the fastest ways to generate customer traffic and build sales. This laminated direct mail postcard with detachable discount card creates high redemption rates. Clients have reported average response of 10%-12%, which is much higher than the 1% to 3% industry average for paper coupons.

Card Mailer is Ideal For:

  • Grand Openings
  • Discount Promotions
  • Special Events
  • VIP / Loyalty Cards

Effective Response Rates:

  1. A national restaurant chain used Card Mailer to offer a $25 discount card. More than 10% were redeemed.
  2. A national retail clothing chain sent Card Mailer to several outside lists, resulting in more than 12% redemption.
  • Card thickness .42mm
  • Variable sizes
  • bar codes and QR codes can be added